Osgoode Legion Darts

Darts Leagues



The Darts Leagues operate on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights starting at 7:30 PM.  These leagues are run by the Legion for the benefit of the community.  You don't need to be a member of the Legion to join in on the fun.  All skill levels are included.  The best players can have some bad nights and the beginners can show them up on their good nights.  We have lots of laughs all night long.

The League Darts registration signup is in September for a late September start.  They normally end late in April with a break over Christmas.  Cost per night is about $4 per person.  There's usually a 50/50 draw too. 

For more information, email Janet at janjava@outlook.com

Friday Night Darts


There is no league on Friday night darts.  Whoever shows up to play is part of the game.  This is open to the community as is the League Darts.

NOTE:  Osgoode Legion League champions do not participate in the Zone championships.  Zone sports events are competitive events for Legion Members only and do not allow for the community to participate in them.

Special Events

We have some fun nights at Darts too.  Pictured is Barb Delaney with Santa.

We have some fun nights at Darts too.  Pictured is Barb Delaney with Santa.

At the end of the season, we normally have a pot luck dinner with both Tuesday and Wednesday night leagues participating together.  Awards are given out per league.

BINGO Nights in Osgoode

BINGO Details


BINGO is offered every Thursday night all year long at Osgoode Legion.  The proceeds from the BINGO profits go to community seniors and youth groups.

BINGO starts at 6:30 sharp but best to get there by 6 PM in order to buy your tickets before the start of the night's games.

Special Bingo Events


From time to time, the BINGO Team organizes some special events.  For instance, instead of cash prizes, you might win a turkey, ham or chocolates on advertised special nights.  They usually have a free Seniors' Bingo & Luncheon event once a year. 

BINGO Gift Certificates


BINGO gift certificates are available at each Bingo night or by contacting Sandy Duncan.

More Info Needed ?

For information about BINGO at Osgoode Legion, call Sandy Duncan at 613-821-2010.

Other Sports at the Legion



The pool table is open for drop-ins and groups within the community.



Euchre is played on Friday nights at the Legion.  The usual start is about 7:30 PM.  This is open to the community.



Shuffleboard is available for any group/individuals to play.   



This is a summer event at the Legion.