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How We're Helping

How We're Helping

How We're Helping

We are a community-based organization focused on helping veterans of Canada's National Forces and RCMP.  With the help of our tireless executive and volunteers, we organize fundraisers, exciting community-building events, and  training sessions for our volunteers.  We also provide a social atmosphere for the community.  

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How We're Helping

How We're Helping

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!


Thank You

How We're Helping

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

More About Us

Let's Celebrate!!!

60th Anniversary of our Legion Branch 589  – by Comrade Ken Pettigrew, Korean War Veteran and RCMP Veteran

Back on March, 19th, 1959, a group of 16 members of Manotick’s Legion Branch #314, who lived in the Osgoode area, voted to form an Osgoode Platoon of the #314 Branch.  The first Platoon officers were: Comrade Fred Ingram, who was the Platoon Commander; Comrade Steward Clelland, the Deputy Platoon Commander; Comrade Brian Buckley, Secretary; and Comrade Gordon Yetter, the Sergeant-at-Arms.

The first task was to buy land and a building.  In June of that year, the group purchased a former barracks at RCAF Rockcliffe – which was in the process of being demolished.  Comrade Steward Clelland sold the property to the Platoon and a local building mover brought the barracks to the site.

So, for a total investment of eleven hundred dollars ($1,100), Osgoode had a Legion.  Now that sounds like a small investment of money in today’s dollars, but back then it was a huge amount and we had to arrange for a payment schedule that ran over several years.

Many people contributed their time and energy to bringing new life to the barracks. The first Remembrance Day was held on November 8th, 1959.  So just eight months from that initial March vote, a central meeting place for Osgoode veterans and their families was established.

The following year, a new Ladies Auxiliary was formed and its executive were installed in April 1960.

When the Legion received its official Charter on April 5th, 1961, there were 33 Legion members.  

The Osgoode Legion has always been a community supporter.  In 1959, it hosted polio clinics for local residents.  In1960, weekly Bingo games began, and they continue to this day.

In January 1961, the Branch purchased hockey sweaters for the local Pee Wee hockey team, and, 60 years later, we still sponsor the team – the grandchildren (or great grandchildren) of the original team are playing now.  This is the kind of legacy that the Legion has built in Osgoode.

Local businesses have always supported the Legion.  One example is our Cenotaph.  Frank Boyd, one of the Legion’s Charter Members , and maker of the cement blocks that were used in may of the buildings in Osgoode, spent many hours designing and carving the Cenotaph that sits out front.  That kind of contribution to the Legion is still seen today.  

The new paint and decor that we see here is the result of many people volunteering their time and talents.  The mural on the outside of our building was designed by Laurie MacDonald, our Bar Manager, and was painted by her with help from comrades Elsie Hickey and Vicki Mason.  George Hickey carved the soldier and the wooden mural on that same side of the building.

The Osgoode Legion has been, and continues to be, a community hub.  Before the Community Centre was built, the Legion hosted spelling bees, regular Cub and Scout Troop meetings and showed children’s movies once a month – when travel to Ottawa to see a movie was considered a luxury, and a long drive. Today they sponsor, but not host, the RCACC 2951 Cadet Corps.

The Legion hosts diverse community activities such as the Osgoode Outreach Luncheons, Foot Clinics, Card Tournaments, Dart Nights, annual Steak and Chicken Barbeques, and Osgoode Winter Carnival events.

From donations and fund-raising, the Osgoode Legion gives back to the community that helped establish it.  It’s an ongoing cycle of giving.  The Legion is a are Gold Sponsor, from their annual summer raffles, for the Citadel Canine’s Boots 4 Pups service dog charity.  To move forward into modern times, the Legion now has a Facebook page (rcl589) and a website (www.rcl589.ca ). 




Let's have a party !

Need a place to house an event, anniversary party, retirement party, wedding reception or celebration of life?  Osgoode Legion rents out its hall to community residents.  Cash bar is available depending on your event.

To enquire about availability, call the Legion after 4 PM from Tuesdays to Saturdays.


Q.  How do I book a date?

A.  Call the Legion at 613-826-2777 during their opening hours (after 4 PM on Tuesdays to Saturdays).  The bartender has the calendar to book you.  You'll then need to meet with the Bar Manager to sign  a contract.

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Royal Canadian Legion Osgoode Branch #589

3284 Sunstrum Street, Ottawa, Ontario K0A 2W0, Canada

(613) 826-2777 Tues-Sat after 4 PM

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